Sunday 10th September- Open Match Skylark Lake

Sunday 10th September- Skylark Lake (38 Anglers)

With another sell out on the amazing Skylark it was going to be a big tester with the rain, the night before to see how it fished. Dynamite Baits anglers Matty Pillay and Adam Swain took 1 and 2 today. With Matty Pillay (Map/Dynamite Baits) on peg 32 Matt fished short on hard pellets to weigh 178lb 8oz for the win. Not Far behind was Adam Swain (Dynamite Baits) who used similar tactics from peg 3 to finish just behind in second. In third was Method man Roy Wells (Westwood Lakes) from peg 31 with 164lb 8oz.

  1. Matty Pillay (Map/Dynamite Baits) peg 32- 178lb 8oz
  2. Adam Swain (Dynamite Baits) peg 3- 171lb 0oz
  3. Roy Wells (Westwood Lakes) peg 31 -164lb 8oz
  4. Mick Stamp (Preston/ Sonu Baits) peg 1- 158lb 8oz

Just to let everyone know there is no open match this Sunday due to it being the Two day Festival, if you wish to book on there is still spaces left please call 01205 724162 and select Option 2 for more Details.