Sunday 10th November- Open Match

Sunday 10th November- Falcon lake (18 Anglers)

After a big week of the festival being on the open match lads were back to there regular routine. Tony Evans (Westwood Lakes) carried his good form from the week and took the win for Sundays open. Tny caught mainly shallow on maggots down the middle on peg 48 to win with 93lb 0oz. In second was Andy “Beany” Sawyer (Big Catch Tackle) from peg 46 catching tight across on pellets to weigh 85lb 8oz. In third was Mick Stamp (Preston innovations/Sonu Baits) from peg 51 with 77lb 2oz.


  1. Tony Evans (Westwood Lakes) Peg 48 – 93lb 0oz
  2. Andy “Beany” Sawyer (Big Catch Tackle) Peg 46 – 85lb 9oz
  3. Mick Stamp (Preston innovations/Sonu Baits) Peg 51 – 77lb 2oz