Daiwa Autumn Classic Festival 2019 OverView

Daiwa Autumn Classic Festival 2019 

First of all we would like to thank everyone for attending the 2019 Daiwa Autumn Classic Festival and also a big thank you to Daiwa and Martin Greene (who was unable to attend do to work commitments) for another year for the sponsorship of the Festival at Westwood Lakes.

The Rotation draw was done on the Monday night and some of the group looked very interesting making it look like a good festival.

Day 1

Tuesday saw the weather be very iffy for us with showers through out the day. But everyone was buzzing to get out on the bank and put there self in a good position on the first day. Skylark saw some very impressive weights come out with Paul Holland taking the match by storm off peg 31 , fishing maggots in 3ft of water to catch carp to 10lb. Paul weigh a very impressive 175lb 0oz to take a lake win and section point, Ryan Lidgaurd also joined him from peg 10 with 74lb 0oz also John Jowett from peg 18 with 84lb 2oz with a section win each.

Falcon Lake was going to be a tricky one with people not knowing how it was going to fish witht he amount of room they had. Over 50’s Champ Mick Stamp showed everyone the weigh in section 1 with a winning weight of 120lb 0oz. In section B saw regular Festival angler Alan Bickley to sneak his section by 2lb to win his section with 108lb 12oz. C section saw the lake winner Matt Bingham put on an awesome display of short maggot fishing to secure his section and lake win with 138lb 6oz.

Swallow Lake was always going to prove the hardest but weight wise there was only a few lbs in between everyone. Daz shaw took the first section with just sneaking over the ton part to weigh 100lb 2oz. In B section Tony Evans just scrapped through for his section win by a 1lb to weihg 59lb 4oz taking that vital point. Scott Robinson was the man to beat in the last section catching mainly F1’s on long pole with Maggot to weigh 118lb 6oz for a section and lake win.

Day 2 

Day 2 saw everything to play for with some section winners drawing bad areas but you can never predict the fishing. Swallow Lake seemed to fish hard again but the extra rain water did put pressure on the lake . Alex Reynolds in section one fished a tidy match to win his section with 86lb 14oz. Paul Bradwick had a good weigh in B section to secure a section win with 71lb 0oz. Tom Edwards fished a out and out maggot match to take the lake and section win with 98lb 8oz.

Falcon saw its true potential with several weights over 100lb and tight sections. Chris Weddell put a impressive weight on the scales on A section winning it with 131lb 12oz. In section B Pete Tickle fished a across match to catch mainly stockies on maggots to weigh 123lb 4oz. Regular Festival Winner and well know man Andy Bennett took the lake win and section win from section C with 134lb 0oz.

Skylark did its unpredictable thing and shocked alot of people, Tony Evans fished a tidy match in section A to secure himself a vital section win with 55lb 4oz putting him on 2pts. C section saw the other section winner from yesterday Daz Shaw also bag his self a section win with 85lb 0oz. But the day went to Franek Staniuszko from peg 27 in B section , franek has dobbed 57 carp on bread to weigh a stunning 269lb 8oz for a lake and section win.

Day 3 

Going into day 3 it was very tight with Tony Evans and Daz shaw sitting at the top with 2pts , but there was many people sitting on 3pts ready to shoot them down. Skylark impressed again with section A being dominated by Tom Edwards with 163lb 0oz pushing him onto 4pts overall with a good weight behind him. Rob Pennington put a impressive performance together on a hard section to weigh 55lb 4oz for a section win. Paul Barnforth took the lake win today with 184lb 8oz and his section win

Swallow lake saw bagger Andy Bennett take the lake win from section A with 98lb 8oz. Alex Dockerty proved his self in a hard section catching a mixed bag to win his section with 53lb 0oz. Chris Weddell put in a tidy performance from C section to win his section with 67lb 4oz pushing him onto 4pts.

Falcon Saw the two section winners in separate sections , Ross Harold pushed everyone in A section to win it with 130lb 14oz . Daz Shaw put on a show in B section fishing maggots short to take the section win with 111lb 6oz. Putting him on the ultimate 3pts but was Tony Evans going to come through in the last section. Unfortunately not Franek Staniuszko put a stop to this by fishing pellets in his edges to weigh 135lb 12oz to take the section but lake win as well.

Final Results

With a big upset on the last day the results was juggled about with many places being decided on weigh count back. But there was one outstanding bloke that stood out to any one else, and that was Daz Shaw. Daz has fished a perfect 3 days to win the 2019 Daiwa Autumn classic with 3pts and a total weight of 296lb 8oz.

Your top 10 are as followed –

1st Daz Shaw – 3pts – 296lb 8oz
2nd Tom Edwards – 4pts-  367lb 12oz
3rd Chris Weddel – 4pts – 268lb 14oz
4th Tony Evans – 4pts – 196lb 0oz
5th Andy Bennett – 5pts – 352lb 4oz
6th Ryan Lingaurd – 5pts – 263lb 12oz
7th Ross Harold – 5pts – 239lb 2oz
8th Franek Staniuszko – 6pts – 476lb 12oz
9th Scott Robinson – 6pts – 300lb 0oz
10th John Jowett – 6pts – 228lb 6oz