Skylark Open Match

Tuesday 8th October 2013 (21 anglers)

Glorious Autumn sunshine greeted anglers for todays Open match with 21 anglers at the draw.  Marc Rodgers (Middy/Bag-Em Baits) drew the last peg in the bag Peg 3, and went on to win this competitive Open with 70lbs 14oz.  Fishing across to the island to start the match on pellet, Marc later switched to his margin with red maggot over groundbait to catch Carp, Barbel, and Ide.  Close behind in second was Ken Clark (WWLakes) Peg 33 with 70lbs 2oz, ahead of Mick Stamp (Preston/Sonubaits) Peg 37 in third with 64lbs 1oz.

1st Marc Rodgers (Middy/Bag-Em Baits) 70lbs 14oz Peg 3

2nd Ken Clark (WWLakes) 70lbs 2oz Peg 33

3rd Mick Stamp (Preston/Sonubaits) Peg 37

4th Steve Lane (Maruyku/WWLakes) 55lbs 10oz Peg 13

5th Brian Harding (Maver/Baitech) 54lbs 3oz Peg 17