New Keepnet Rules!

New Landing Net and Keepnet Rules!

With immediate effect Westwood Lakes will no longer supply nets to anglers fishing on their lakes.  Pleasure anglers will have to bring their own Landing Nets, and Match anglers will have to bring both Landing Nets and a minimum of three Keepnets.  All nets must be fishery approved nets.  On arrival at Westwood Lakes all nets must be dipped and rinsed in the dip tanks on site, and then dried before putting into the lakes.  The dip tanks are located opposite the Tackle Shop.  If anglers change lakes, all nets must again be dipped and rinsed before putting into the lakes.  Match anglers are required to follow the above procedure, and then lay all nets behind there pegs.  Match anglers must not put their keepnets into the lake until ten minutes before the start of the match.  Failure to follow these simple but essential new net rules will result in permanent exclusion from Westwood Lakes for an indefinite period.