Skylark Open Match

Tuesday 13th May 2014 (34 anglers) Skylark Lake

Though the weather was on the cool side today, at least the rain held off for the Open Match.  Luke Morley (WWLakes) Peg 18 blitzed the field in todays Open Match with 103lbs 0oz on the scales.  Luke was 20lbs clear of the runner-up, keeping it simple fishing expander pellet tight to the island to catch mainly Carp and F1 Carp.  In second was Janusz Kedzierski (WWLakes) Peg 25 with 78lbs 6oz.  Third placed angler was Spike Milligan (Garbolino/Lincs County) Peg 32 with 75lbs 6oz.

1st  Luke Morley (WWLakes) 103lbs 0oz Peg 18

2nd Janusz Kedzierski (WWLakes) 78lbs 6oz Peg 25

3rd Spike Milligan (Garbolino/Lincs County) 75lbs 6oz Peg 32

=4th Steve Lane (Maruyku/WWLakes) 73lbs 6oz Peg 13

=4th Neil Blacker (Peggy Tub) 73lbs 6oz Peg 15