Skylark Open Match

Sunday 11th May 2014 (30 anglers) Skylark Lake

Windy conditions confronted the anglers for todays Open Match.  Spike Milligan (Garbolino/Lincs County) was on Peg 32 and weighed 116lbs 10oz to win with 20lbs to spare.  Spike fished across to the island, switching to his margin swim in the last hour to catch Carp, F1’s and Bream on reds maggot over F1 groundbait.  In second was Steve Lane (Marukyu/WWLakes) Peg 17 with 96lbs 4oz and in third was Tony Evans (Dynamite Baits) Peg 1 with 75lbs 4oz.

1st Spike Milligan (Garbolino/Lincs County) 116lbs 10oz Peg 32

2nd Steve Lane (Marukyu/WWLakes) 96lbs 4oz Peg 17

3rd Tony Evans (Dynamite Baits) 75lbs 4oz Peg 1

4th Tom Edwards (Sensas A4) 72lbs 4oz Peg 27

5th Sean Higginbottom (Maver/Baitech) 67lbs 2oz Peg 7