Over 50’s Open Match

August 18th 002

Windy yesterday and 22 anglers caught on maggots at 11.5m.

Ade Freeman (GOT Baits) brought in 49lb 6oz(peg 46), John Taylor had 48lb 8oz (peg 42) and Dave Robinson caught 45lb 8oz (peg 20) worth.


  1. Ade Freeman (GOT Baits) 49lb 6oz Peg 46
  2. John Taylor (Sensus Mark I) 48lb 8oz Peg 42
  3. Dave Robinson (Westwood Lakes) 45lb Peg 20
  4. Roy Wells (Decoy Lakes) 43lb Peg 40
  5. Rick Tweddle (Baittech) 42lb 12oz Peg 28