Hawk Lake Open Match

Tuesday 9th February 2016 (10 anglers) Hawk Lake

Fish on Hawk Lake are still feeding at times, and anglers are catching well when scaled down on tackle. Malcolm Green (Westwood Lakes) won on the day with a mixed bag of fish on red maggot, weighing 45lbs 12oz from Peg 17. In second was Paul Oglesbee (Westwood Lakes) Peg 20 with 27lbs 4oz. Third placed angler was Cameron Stokes (Westwood Lakes) Peg 15 with 22lbs 12oz.

1st Malcolm Green (Westwood Lakes) 45lbs 12oz Peg 17

2nd Paul Oglesbee (Westwood Lakes) 27lbs 4oz Peg 20

3rd Cameron Stokes (Westwood Lakes) 22lbs 12oz Peg 15