Over 50’s Open Match

Thursday 2nd April 2015 Skylark Lake (32 Anglers)

After the recent inclement weather the anglers were greeted with a clam sunny day. The fish responded across the whole lake with good weights all round. First Place angler was Janusz Kedzierski (Westwood Lakes) with a weight of 69lb 15oz from peg 10 made up of Carp and Barbel caught using pellet down the track. Second place went to Brian Chatterton (Westwood Lakes) with a weight of 57lb 6oz from peg 28. Third place went to Ken Clark (Westwood Lakes) with a weight of 50lb 7oz from peg 23.

• 1st Janusz Kedzierski (Westwood Lakes) 69lb 15oz Peg 10
• 2nd Brian Chatterton (Westwood Lakes)57lb 6oz Peg 28
• 3rd Ken Clark (Westwood Lakes) 50lb 7oz Peg 23
• 4th Dave Robinson (Westwood Lakes) 48lb 4oz Peg 32
• 5th John Holsworth (Westwood Lakes) 42lb 12oz Peg 42