Over 50s Match Thursday 30/09/2021 – Falcon Lake

Over 50s Match 30/09/2021 – Falcon

Richard Kinnersley (Westwood Lakes) and Paul Oglesbee (Westwood Lakes) took top honours on the day deploying similar edge tactics to catch 83lb 4oz. Both Richard (peg 8) and Paul (peg 4), struggled with the tow due to the strong cross wind, which made presenting the bait difficult. I believe that both used maggot tactics with small amounts of groundbait to land the F1’s and small carp! In third position was Steve Lane (Westwood Lakes) who fished paste short and pellets down the edge from peg 2 to land 74lb 2oz of mainly F1’s!


Section 1

= 1st – Paul Oglesbee – 83lb 4oz

= 1st – Richard Kinnersley – 83lb 4oz

Section 2

1st – Ivan Mills – 60lb 6oz

2nd – Paul Bowen – 52lb 4oz

Section 3

1st – Ian Brodie – 64lb 4oz

2nd – Paul Porter – 45lb 2oz