Over 50’s Match Report

Over 50’s Match Report – Skylark lake – 34 Anglers


A nice complement of 34 anglers turned up for the over 50’s open match on Skylark and majority used maggot / pellet.  Reports of my favourite carp, Old Bruce, were made but remained illusive, yet again.

First was Nick Greensmith (Warsop Angling) on peg 30 with 68lb 12oz.  2nd is John Taylor (Sensas Mark One) on peg 34 with 53lb 12oz.  3rd is John Godden (WWL) on peg 12 and brought in 42lb 4oz.  4th is Rick Twedle (Maver Bait Tech) on peg 10 with 39lb.

  1. Nick Greensmith (Warsop Angling) – peg 30 – 68lb 12oz
  2. John Taylor (Sensas Mark One) – peg 34 – 53lb 12 oz
  3. John Godden (WWL) – peg 12 – 42lb 4oz
  4. Rick Twedle (Maver Bair Tech) – peg 10 – 39lb