Osprey Open Match

Sunday 2nd February 2014 Osprey Lake (18 anglers)

Osprey Lake fished really well today, with close weights along the whole match length.  Gregor Shalat (WWLakes) drawed Peg 23 and weighed 66lbs 14oz for the win.  Gregor fished maggot and expander pellet to catch all F1 Carp to 2lbs.  In second was Januasz Kederski (WWLakes) Peg 14 with 60lbs 10oz and Dan Abbott (WWLakes) Peg 21 was third with 53lbs 6oz.

1st Gregor Shalat (WWLakes) 66lbs 14oz Peg 23

2nd Januasz Kerderski (WWLakes) 60lbs 10oz Peg 14

3rd Dan Abbott (WWLakes) 53lbs 6oz Peg 21

4th Martin Kirk (WWLakes) 52lbs 0oz Peg 9

5th Steve Lane (WWLakes) 51lbs 2oz Peg 24