Osprey Open Match

Sunday 15th December 2013  (25 anglers)

Every peg taken on Osprey Lake today for the open.  Luke Morley(Sensas A4) was drawn at the far end of the lake on Peg 23 to win with 89lbs 11oz.  Luke fished 4mm expander pellet over 4mm feed pellet to catch all F1 Carp.  Paul Harsley (Daves Peg) Peg 5 was second with 79lbs 14oz and Tony Evans (Dynamite Baits) Peg 9 was third with 73lbs 10oz.

Next weeks Sunday Open is on Osprey Lake.

1st Luke Morley(Sensas A4) 89lbs 11oz Peg 23

2nd Paul Harsley (Daves Peg) 79lbs 14oz Peg 5

3rd Tony Evans (Dynamite Baits) 73lbs 10oz Peg 9

4th Pete Raynor (WWLakes) 72lbs 8oz Peg 13

5th Dave Taylor (WWLakes) 72lbs 2oz Peg 15