Osprey Lake Open Match

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Tuesday 17th December 2013  (12 anglers)

The first 100lb catch on Osprey Lake was recorded today.  Steve Reid (Garbolino RAF) was on end Peg 23, and caught F1 Carp all day alternating between two lines at 6 meters and 9 meters to weigh 111lbs 10oz.  Steve fished 4mm expander over groundbait with a few 2mm feed pellets mixed in as well.  Spike Milligan (Lincs County) Peg 21 was second using similar tactics for a total weight of 83lbs 8oz.  Ron Roberts (Liams Elite) Peg 5 put 82lbs 10oz on the scales for third.  All in all just over 800lbs of F1 Carp was caught across the match length.

1st Steve Reid (Garbolino RAF) 111lbs 10oz Peg 23

2nd Spike Milligan (Lincs County) 83lbs 8oz Peg 21

3rd Ron Roberts (Liams Elite) 82lbs 10oz Peg 5

4th Steve Lane (Maruyku/WWLakes)  82lbs 8oz Peg 13

5th Cameron Stokes (Bruce Mahey AC) 78lbs 100z Peg 15