New Lakes Update

maver seatboxes 003

Picture is of Swallow Lake which is 20 meters to the island.

Latest news on the new lakes is that progress is going well.  Osprey Lake has been match fished, and catches of the new F1 Carp have been consistent throughout the length of this canal type lake.  See the match results section for the latest match reports on this lake.  The lake is now going to be rested after Sunday 22nd December Open Match until the Open Pairs Match on New Years Eve.  Falcon and Swallow Lake are now full of water, and we are letting them settle before introducing fish into these lakes.  Falcon Lake will be stocked with 5 ton of F1 Carp towards the end of January.  These fish will then be left to settle into their new environment, and we will supplement feed them until late Spring.  We need to get both Falcon and Swallow Lake grassed before we allow anglers onto these lakes.  Swallow Lake will be stocked and left until late Summer 2014.