Open Match Tuesday 22/06/2021 – Swallow Lake

Open Match 22/06/2021 – Swallow

The cold wind made the fishing harder than expected, however there were still plenty of bites to be had for all the anglers. Taking top spot on the day was Andy Williams (Westwood Lakes). Andy has fished both pole and feeder tactics on peg 34 to weigh 111lb. In second from fancied peg 6 was Steve Haywood (Westwood Lakes). Steve has fished the long pole with pellets to land big f1’s for a weight of 106lb 3oz. Finally, completing the frame from peg 14 was Richard Kinnersley (Westwood Lakes). He’s fished maggots short and down the edges for a weight of 97lb.


1. Andy Williams (Westwood Lakes) – 111lb – peg 34

2. Steve Haywood (Westwood Lakes) – 106lb 3oz – peg 6

3. Richard Kinnersley (Westwood Lakes) – 97lb – peg 14


Section 1 (def) – Rob Dawber – 85lb 14oz

Section 2 (def) – Alan Cornforth – 50lb 14oz

Section 3 (def) – Marc Bradford – 81lb