Open Match Tuesday 03/08/2021 – Falcon Lake

Open Match 03/08/2021 – Falcon

The anglers where given plenty of room in todays open… and it showed, with only 3 weights under 100lb! Taking the win from peg 10 was Jason Smith (Westwood Lakes). Jason has used the head wind to his advantage, managing to catch shallow most of the match due the f1’s being pushed down to that corner. He’s caught on maggots for a weight of 188lb 10oz. Closely behind in second was Alex Derbyshire (Westwood Lakes) from peg 8. Once again, he’s caught on maggots shallow to weigh 183lb of F1’s and stockie Carp. Finally, completing the frame from peg 20 was Roy Wells. He’s used his favoured method feeder tactics to land 182lb 2oz.


1. Jason Smith (Westwood Lakes) – 188lb 10oz – peg 10

2. Alex Derbyshire (Westwood Lakes) – 183lb – peg 8

3. Roy Wells (Westwood Lakes) – 182lb 2oz – peg 20