Open Match Sunday 01/08/2021 – Swallow Lake

Open Match 01/08/2021 – Swallow

Jim Barrowman (Westwood Lakes) took a convincing win from fancied peg 5 with a weight of 166lb 8oz. Jim’s fished several lines throughout the day, swapping and changing between them to land big F1’s and Carp. In runner up spot from peg 24 was Roy Wells (Westwood Lakes). Roy’s fished his favoured method feeder tactics on a couple of line to finish with a weight of 146lb 6oz. Finally, completing the frame from peg 26 was Rob Dawber (Westwood Lakes) whos fished maggots both short and shallow to weigh 139lb 14oz of F1’s and small carp.


1. Jim Barrowman (Westwood Lakes) – 166lb 8oz – peg 5

2. Roy Wells (Westwood Lakes) – 146lb 6oz – peg 24

3. Rob Dawber (Westwood Lakes) – 139lb 14oz – peg 26


Section 1 (def) – Andrew Dearing – 119lb 10oz

Section 2 (def) – Mick Stamp – 120lb 10oz