Open Match Sunday 27/06/2021 – Skylark Lake

Open Match 27/06/2021 – Skylark

Chris Weddell (Westwood Lakes) took the win from peg 24 on Skylark. Chris has fished across with pellets for the first few hours of the match, before finishing down the edges, picking off odd fish until the end. He’s finished up with a weight of 68lb 7oz. In second position was Carl Lee Hopps (Westwood Lakes). Like Chris, Carl has picked odd fish up throughout the day, and he’s ended up with a weight of 53lb 1oz. Finally, completing the frame from peg 30 was Tony Evans (Westwood Lakes). Tony’s fished hard pellets up the far slope for a final weight of 52lb 3oz.


1. Chris Weddell (Westwood Lakes) – 68lb 7oz – peg 24

2. Carl Lee Hopps (Westwood Lakes) – 53lb 1oz – peg 17

3. Tony Evans (Westwood Lakes) – 52lb 3oz – peg 30


Section 1 – Graham Thorndyke – 45lb 4oz

Section 2 (def) – Mick Balls – 48lb 9oz

Section 3 – Andy Sawyer – 51lb 12oz