Open Match Sunday 15/08/2021 – Falcon Lake

Open Match 15/08/2021 – Falcon

Winner on the day was Ricky Leggett (Westwood Lakes), who’s fished maggots short and shallow most of the day from peg 21 to land well over 80 fish for 122lb 8oz. Taking runner up spot, was Mick Stamp (Westwood Lakes). Mick has fished paste short and groundbait down the edge from peg 48,  to weigh 120lb 2oz. Finally, completing the frame from peg 2 was Browning backed Jim Hall. He’s caught short and down the edges on hard pellets to catch carp and F1’s steadily throughout the day for a final weight of 119lb 8oz.


1. Ricky Leggett (Westwood Lakes) – 122lb 8oz – peg 21

2. Mick Stamp (Westwood Lakes) – 120lb 2oz – peg 48

3. Jim Hall (Browning UK / TN Floats) – 119lb 8oz – peg 52


Section 1 – Mark Pollard – 111lb 12oz

Section 2 (def) – David Fearnley – 116lb 4oz

Section 3 – Richard Moore – 89lb

Section 4 (def) – Brian Harding – 86lb