Open Match Sunday 02/05/2021 – Skylark Lake

Open Match 02/05/2021 – Skylark

With only one spare peg on the lake, and the continuous weather changes, all the anglers knew it was going to be hard. Taking the win from peg 14 was Richard Kinnersley (Westwood Lakes). He’s rotated a few lines all day to keep putting fish in the net and weighed a total of 81lb 10oz. Closely behind in second was Matrix and Dynamite baits backed Adam Swain. Like Richard, Adam has picked odd fish up throughout the day to finish with a weight of 80lb 8oz. Completing the frame was Ricky Leggatt (Westwood Lakes). He’s weighed 63lb of carp and F1’s from peg 6.


1. Richard Kinnersley (Westwood Lakes) – 81lb 10oz – peg 14

2. Adam Swain (Matrix/Dynamite) – 80lb 8oz – peg 31

3. Ricky Leggatt (Westwood Lakes) – 63lb – peg 6


Section 1 (def) – Ian Kent – 49lb 10oz

Section 2 (def) – Graham Thorndyke – 53lb 8oz

Section 3 – Ian Boyd – 55lb 6oz

Section 4 (def) – Chris Mason – 62lb