Open Match Saturday 11/09/2021 – Falcon Lake

Open Match 11/09/2021 – Falcon

With the whole lake being used in a couple of matches. The fishing was made tougher, however, the weights were very consistent and made it possible for the winner to come from any peg! Taking top spot on the day was Wayne Barber (Westwood Lakes) from peg 20. Wayne has fished pellets towards the island, as well as fishing paste short. Come the weigh in, he put 69lb onto the scales of stockie carp and F1’s. In second position was Martyn Kirk (Westwood Lakes). Martyn has fished paste short and down the edge from peg 39 to land 63lb 8oz of F1’s and Carp. Finally, completing the frame was Roy Chamberlain (Westwood Lakes) with a weight of 63lb!


Section 1

1st – Wayne Barber – 69lb

2nd – Neil Horne – 41lb

Section 2

1st – Sooty – 42lb 8oz

2nd – John Martin – 37lb 8oz

Section 3

1st – Martyn Kirk – 63lb 8oz

2nd – Brian Chamberlain – 63lb

Section 4

1st – Andy Mitchell – 55lb

2nd – Barnaby Newman – 51lb