Good Friday 30th March – 5K Qualifier Open Match

Good Friday 30th March 2018 – Swallow Lake (22 anglers)

Double qualifier for today’s 5K Qualifier Open Match on Swallow Lake.  Jack Danby (Dynamite Baits) fresh from the previous weekends second in the festival, made the most of his good draw from Peg 4, winning the match with 82lbs 8oz.  In second place was Josh Pace (Bag Em Baits) with 76lbs 6oz from Peg 3.  In third place with 74lbs 0oz was Billy Marlow (WWL) from peg 1.

1st Jack Danby (Dynamite Baits) 82lbs 8oz Peg 4

2nd Josh Pace (Bag Em Baits) 76lbs 6oz Peg 3

3rd Billy Marlow (WWL) 74lbs 0oz Peg 1

4th Andrew Kelk (WWL) 66lbs 10oz Peg 26

5th Dan Abbott (WWL) 55lbs 15oz Peg 6