Falcon Lake Open Match

Thursday 31st December 2015 (20 anglers) Falcon Lake

Under 10lb seperated the top five in this New Years Eve Open Match on Falcon lake. Richard Kinnersley (Coopers Tackle) won the match from Peg 17 with 90lbs 4oz of F1 Carp on pellet fished down the track. In second was Baz Bright (RAF Garbolino) Peg 13 with 85lbs 4oz. Third placed angler was Davis Gurton (Westwood Lakes) Peg 39 with 84lbs 14oz.

1st Richard Kinnersley (Coopers Tackle) 90lbs 4oz Peg 17

2nd Baz Bright (RAF Garbolino) 85lbs 4oz Peg 13

3rd Davis Gurton (Westwood Lakes) 84lbs 14oz Peg 39

4th Tom Edwards (Dynamite Baits) 83lbs 10oz Peg 45

5th Janusz Kedzierski (Westwood Lakes) 82lbs 14oz Peg 9