Daiwa Spring Classic Festival 2018 Final Day


Andy Bennett Makes it Three Festival Wins in a Row!!!


Now well established in the UK match calendar, the Daiwa Spring Classic Festival 2018 was another huge success having sold out the 108 tickets by the end of January this year.  With settled weather, the anglers were set for a real fishing bonanza.

The first day proved to be very productive with all lakes fishing well.  On Skylark Lake, Andy Bennett was drawn on peg 38 and bagged fish from the start.  The angling maestro weighed 249lbs 4oz to win his section and the lake.  Andys travelling partner Paul Holland was on the opposite bank and put 136lbs 12oz on the scales to win his section and lake runner up.  Over on Falcon Lake 18 year old Ted Wheeler was quietly bagging  to win his section and lake runner up with 122lbs 6oz, giving him one point and third in the overall table.

Day two was another good day for Andy Bennett winning the lake again with 132lbs 4oz on Falcon Lake.  So going into the last day there was everything to fish for with Andy Bennett, Paul Holland and Ted Wheeler all on 2 points.  James Howarth, Allan Bickley, Aidan Mansfield, Reece Hearn and Chris Weddell all on 3 points went into the last day pushing the leaders all the way.

Day three see Andy Bennett draw peg 5 on Osprey Lake, and as expected won with plenty in hand with 196lbs 0oz of F1 Carp, giving him a perfect 3 points and a 176lb margin in weight over his nearest rival.  Paul Holland was on Swallow Lake and put 145lbs 6oz on the scales to take the runners up place.

Well done Andy Bennett on winning your third festival in a row, an absolute phenomenal performance of match angling at its best.

Tickets are now on sale for the Daiwa Autumn Classic Festival in November this year, as well as the Daiwa Spring Classic Festival 2019 in May next year.  Telephone 01205 724162 (option 1) to pay for tickets.  please note tickets can not be reserved, they must be paid for when booking them.

See below for the list of winners over the three day Festival.

Festival Payout Results Sheet

Overall Top Ten

1st     Andy Bennett 3pts 577lbs 8oz £2000.00

2nd     Paul Holland 3pts 401lbs 7oz £1500.00

3rd     James Howarth 4pts 388lbs 2oz £1000.00

4th     Allan Bickley 4pts 363lbs 7oz £650.00

5th     Ted Wheeler 4pts 347lbs 8oz £550.00

6th     Reece Hearn 4pts 325lbs 4oz £450.00

7th     Tom Edwards 5pts 345lbs 0oz £350.00

8th     Aidan Mansfield 5pts 293lbs 14oz £300.00

9th     Simon Beswick 5pts 288lbs 5oz £265.00

10th   Chris Kelly 6pts 261lbs 8oz £250.00

Day One

Osprey/Swallow Lake

Osprey Section One              Ben Dutton  99lbs 2oz                      

Osprey Section Two              Reece Hearn 115lbs 0oz                   

Swallow Section One                        Rod Pilkington 124lbs 8oz               

Swallow Section Two                        Ross Harold 128lbs 0oz         

Lake Runner Up                     Mark Malin 148lbs 0oz

Osprey/Swallow Lake Winner          Tom Edwards 152lbs 8oz      

Skylark Lake

Section One               James Smedley 75lbs 8oz                 

Section Two               Aidan Mansfield 109lbs 12oz                       

Section Three             Dave Harold 65lbs 8oz          

Section Four               Paul Marshall 114lbs 8oz

Lake Runner Up         Paul Holland 136lbs 12oz                 

Skylark Lake Winner             Andy Bennett 249lbs 4oz     

Falcon Lake

Section One               Alan Bickley 94lbs 13oz                    

Section Two               Brian Cant 95lbs 7oz             

Section Three             Chris Weddle 121lbs 9oz                  

Section Four               Simon Beswick 108lbs 15oz

Lake Runner Up         Ted Wheeler 122lbs 6oz                   

Falcon Lake Winner   James Howarth 145lbs 12oz 

Day Two

Osprey/Swallow Lake

Osprey Section One              Pat Cooper 130lbs 4oz                     

Osprey Section Two              Ted Wheeler 121lbs 2oz                   

Swallow Section One                        James Howarth 122lbs 8oz               

Swallow Section Two                        Scott Robinson 110lbs 0oz

Lake Runner Up                     Alan Bickley 150lbs 6oz                    

Osprey/Swallow Lake Winner          Shaun Little 151lbs 0oz        

Skylark Lake

Section One               Reece Hearn 97lbs 8oz                     

Section Two               Steve Parry 77lbs 10oz                     

Section Three             Adam Wakelin 78lbs 4oz                  

Section Four               John Jowett 98lbs 0oz

Lake Runner Up         Craig Ebbrell 117lbs 6oz                   

Skylark Lake Winner             Ray Smart 128lbs 0oz           

Falcon Lake

Section One               Jake Hemmings 90lbs 0oz                 

Section Two               Paul Holland 119lbs 5oz                   

Section Three             Chris Kelly 84lbs 8oz             

Section Four               Ian Kent 83lbs 12oz

Lake Runner Up         Glen Brown 119lbs 10oz                   

Falcon Lake Winner   Andy Bennett 132lbs 4oz     

Day Three

Osprey/Swallow Lake

Osprey Section One              Paul Maskell 98lbs 12oz                   

Osprey Section Two              Ian Kent 93lbs 12oz              

Swallow Section One                        Will Hawkins 132lbs 0oz       

Swallow Section Two                        Martin Greene 133lbs 0oz    

Lake Runner Up                     Paul Holland 145lbs 6oz

Osprey/Swallow Lake Winner          Andy Bennett 196lbs 1oz     

Skylark Lake

Section One               Simon Beswick 83lbs 10oz               

Section Two               Allan Bickley 118lbs 4oz                   

Section Three             Adam Swain & Ted Wheeler 104lbs 0oz     

Section Four               Carl Graham 93lbs 4oz

Lake Runner Up         James Howarth 119lbs 4oz               

Skylark Lake Winner             Derek Brook 122lbs 4oz       

Falcon Lake

Section One               Carl Hopps 85lbs 12oz                      

Section Two               Reece Hearn 112lbs 12oz                 

Section Three             Lee Bennett 77lbs 5oz                      

Section Four               Mark Smith 74lbs 10oz

Lake Runner Up         Tom Edwards 116lbs 12oz                

Falcon Lake Winner   Luke Sears 131lbs 14oz