Burt Baits/Tri-cast Westwood Lakes Winter League Update

Sunday 21st January see’s our 5th round of the winter league get underway and what an interesting league it is turning out to be. The cold weather and conditions are not helping the lads out but they are still out there every match giving it there all. Ade Freeman (Burts Baits/Tri-cast) has been running away with the winter league winning his section in the first 3 rounds of the event but unfortunately he was stopped in the 4th round by placing 3rd in his section. Super Steve Reid (Markuyu) is currently sat in joint second with a total of 8 points with¬† Mick Stamp (Preston innovations/ Sonu Baits) But Young Guns Luke Morley (Burt Baits/Tri-cast) and Adam Swain (Matrix/Dynamite Baits) are hot on there heels with 9 points.

So there is all to play for tomorrow Results will be put up Monday to show you how they got on.

Also just a Reminder that the £5000 qualifiers start on the 18th of February so ring up and book on to not miss out! To contact the Bait and Tackle shop please call 01205 724162 and select option 2


Weight Points Weights Points Weight Points Weight Points
1 Ade Freeman 51lb 1 26lb 4oz 1 11lb 12oz 1 15lb 12oz 3 104lb 12oz 6
2 Steve Reid 44lb 10oz 3 20lb 4oz 1 9lb 2 27lb 10oz 2 101lb 6oz 8
3 Mick Stamp 56lb 1 7lb 3 3lb 8oz 2 31lb 2oz 2 97lb 10oz 8
4 Luke Morley 56lb 4oz 2 45lb 8oz 2 0lb 12oz 3 31lb 6oz 2 133lb 14oz 9
5 Adam Swain 52lb 3 7lb 8oz 1 0lb 8oz 4 34lb 8oz 1 94lb 6oz 9
6 Paul Harsley 43lb 1oz 3 39lb 8oz 1 3lb 4oz 1 19lb 10oz 5 105lb 7oz 10