Westwood Lakes Tuesday Open Match – 13th September 2016 on Skylark Lake

23 anglers took part on our open match on 13th September on Skylark Lake and the lake record was broken!

Even on a day as hot as this, the numbers brought in were impressive generally using maggot and pellet.

First place (and the current record holder for Skylark!) was Tom Edwards (Matrix / Dynamite Baits) from peg 24 with 287lbs 6oz.  Second place was Mark Cree (Dynamite Baits) at peg 30 and had 220lbs 8oz.  Third was Steve Lane (Westwood Lakes) at peg 8 having 191lbs 14oz.

  1. Tom Edwards (Matrix / Dynamite Baits) – peg 24 – 287lbs 6oz
  2. Mark Cree (Dynamite Baits) – peg 30 – 220lbs 8oz
  3. Steve Lane (Westwood Lakes) – peg 8 – 191lbs 14oz