Westwood Lakes Sunday Open Match on 14th May 2017 – Falcon Lake

On Sunday 15th May, 2017 26 anglers took part in our open match.  It took part on Falcon lake with good conditions for catching.

First place went to A Ogilvie (Sensas) at peg 40 with 111lbs 10oz.  Second was Rob Walton (Matrix / Wensom Valley) on peg 33 with 108lbs 10oz.  Third was Martin Kirk on peg 26 with 107lbs 6oz.

A Ogilvie (Sensas) – peg 40 – 111lbs 10oz

Rob Walton (Matrix / Wensom Valley) – peg 33 – 108lbs 10oz

Martin Kirk – peg 26 – 107lbs 6oz

Josh Newman (Sensas Legacy) – peg 43 – 97lbs 7oz

R Kinnersley – peg 28 – 96lbs 3oz