Westwood Lakes Over 50’s Open Match on Skylark Lake

Over 50’s Open Match on Skylark Lake at Westwood Lakes – 38 anglers

It was a nice warm and sunny day for the 38 anglers taking part in our weekly over 50’s open match.  Using mainly pellet and maggot, the weights are improving.

First place went to Brian Thompson (WWL) on peg 32 with 81lbs 12oz.  2nd was Jeff Duggan (WWL) sitting at peg 23 and bringing in 77lbs.  3rd place went to Steve Crossfield (Ackworth AC) at peg 1 with a respectable 73lbs and 4 place was John Taylor (Sensas / Mark One) at peg 16 and 68lbs.

  1. Brian Thompson (WWL) – peg 32 – 81lb 12oz
  2. Jeff Duggan (WWL) – peg 23 – 77lbs
  3. Steve Crossfield (Ackworth AC) – peg 1 – 73lbs
  4. John Taylor (Sensas Mark One) – peg 16 – 68lbs