Westwood Lakes Open Match on Skylark Lake – 13th November 2016

Sunday’s Westwood Lakes Open Match was on Skylark Lake and 13 anglers took part – 13th November 2016

There were 13 anglers taking part in the autumn sunshine on Skylark lake and first place went to M Kirkland (Notts) on peg 24 with 79lbs 11oz.  Second place went to Mark Cree (Dynamite Baits) at peg 16 with 72lbs 6oz.  Third was G Cooper (Dynamite Baits) at peg 28 with 42lbs 6oz.

  • M Kirkland (Notts) – peg 24 – 79lbs 11oz
  • Mark Cree (Dynamite Baits) – pegs 16 – 72lbs 6oz
  • G Cooper (Dynamite Baits) – pegs 28 – 42lbs 6oz