Westwood Lakes Open Match on Hawk Lake – 16th October 2017

The Open Match on Hawk Lake at Westwood Lakes on 16th October 2017 – 14 Anglers

It has to be said that it wet and chilly to start with on Hawk Lake but the hardy anglers still came and took part in the sunday open match.  First place went to Mark Cree (Dynamite Baits) at peg 1 and winning with 106lb 8oz.  Second place was Luke Morley (Westwood Lakes) at peg 11 with 89lbs 6oz.  3rd place was Tony Evans (Dynamite Baits) on peg 2 with 69lbs 14oz.

  1. Mark Cree (Dynamite Baits) – peg 1 – 106lbs 8oz
  2. Luke Morley (Westwood Lakes) – peg 11 – 89lbs 6oz
  3. Tony Evans (Dynamite Baits) – peg 2 – 69lbs 14oz