Westwood Lakes Open Match – 31st July 2016 – Swallow Lake

Westwood Lakes Open Match on Sunday 31st July 2016 on Swallow Lake with 14 Anglers

On a gorgeous mild summer Sunday, 14 Anglers took part in the open match around Swallow Lake and the participants used mainly maggot and pellet.  Roy Wells aka Bomber took first place from peg 11 with 130lbs.  2nd was Adie Freeman (GOT Baits) at peg 15 and 65lbs 4oz.  3rd was Brendan Strowlger (Westwood Lakes) on peg 5 with 63lbs 6oz.

  1. Roy Wells (Westwood Lakes) – peg 11 – 130lbs
  2. Adie Freeman (GOT Baits) – peg 15 – 65lbs 4oz
  3. Brendan Strowlger (Westwood Lakes) – peg 5 – 63lbs 6oz