Westwood Lakes Open Match – 25th July 2016 on Falcon Lake

Westwood Lakes Open Match on the 25th July 2016 at Falcon Lake with 13 Anglers

On this warm sunday, 13 anglers took part in our open match on Falcon Lake and some nice numbers, with all weighing in having over 100lbs, were caught with mainly maggot and pellet.  First place was Mark Cree (Dynamite Baits) from peg 21 with a total of 271lbs 8oz.  Second was Mick Stamp (Preston Innovations / Sonubaits) at peg 3 and taking 229lbs 10oz.  Third place was Greg Cooper (Westwood Lakes) at peg 15 and having 204lbs.

  1. Mark Cree (Dynamite Baits) – peg 21 – 271lb 8oz
  2. Mick Stamp (Preston Innovations / Sonubaits) – peg 3 – 229lbs 10oz
  3. Greg Cooper (Westwood Lakes) – peg 15 – 204lbs