Westwood Lakes Open Match 24th April 2016 – Osprey Lake

Open Match on 24th April 2016 – Osprey Lake with 20 anglers

It was a cool but niceish day with a few spots of rain and a bit of a breeze but it didn’t put off the 20 anglers from taking part on the open at Osprey Lake.  Generally using maggot and pellet, first place went to A Ogilvie (Sensas) on peg 4 with 97lbs.  2nd was R Kinnersley (Coopers Tackle) on peg 23 bringing home 77lbs 4oz.  3rd place was P Harsley (Daves Peg) at peg 20 and having 69lbs 8oz.  4th was Mark Critcher (Miracle Baits) who got 69lbs 4oz from peg 3.

  1. A Ogilvie (Sensas) – peg 4 – 97lbs 0oz
  2. R Kinnersley (Coopers Tackle) – peg 23 – 77lb 4oz
  3. P Harsley (Daves Peg) – peg 20 – 69lb 8oz
  4. Mark Critcher (Miracle Baits) – peg 3 – 69lb 4oz