Westwood Lakes Open Match 16th May 2016 on Falcon Lake

The Westwood Lakes Sunday Open Match on Falcon Lake – 16th May 2016

It was a dry day with a bit of a Lincolnshire breeze and there were 13 anglers around Falcon Lake taking part in our Sunday open match which saw the top 5 bring home over 100lb each.  Caster and worm is working especially well at the moment.

First was Steve Reid (RAF Garbolino) on peg 14 and taking 142lb 2oz.  2nd place was Brendan (WWL) at peg 18 and having 131lb 14oz.  Luke Morley (WWL) on peg 32 had 129lb 8oz.  Martin Kirk (WWL) on peg 26 took 117lb 14oz.  Gavin Brown (Enniskillen AC) sitting on peg 28 took 101lb 10oz.

  1. Steve Reid (RAF Garbolino) – peg 14 – 142lb 2oz
  2. Brendan Stronger (WWL) – peg 18 – 131lb 14oz
  3. Luke Morley (WWL) – peg 32 – 129lb 8oz
  4. Martin Kirk (WWL) – peg 26 – 117lb 14oz
  5. Gavin Brown (Enniskillen AC) – peg 28 – 101lb 10oz