Westwood Lakes Open Match 13th July 2016 on Swallow Lake

The Westwood Lakes Open Match for 13th July 2016 was on Swallow Lake and had 13 anglers take part.

Using the old faithful of maggot and pellet, the 13 anglers worked their magic on Swallow lake.  First place went to Craig Cash (Dudley Rod and Reel) from peg 4 and brought in 88lbs 12oz.  2nd was Tom Wilson (Westwood Lakes) at peg 17 with 54lbs 2oz.  3rd was Dave Simpson (Home Guard Wigan) on peg 5 and 48lbs.  4th was Roy Wells (Westwood Lakes) on peg 6 with 43lbs 12oz.  5th saw Spike Milligan (Lincs County) come in from peg 3 with 39lbs 8oz.

  1. Craig Cash (Dudley Rod and Reel) – peg 4 – 88lbs 12oz
  2. Tom Wilson (Westwood Lakes) – peg 17 – 54lbs 2oz
  3. Dave Simpson (Home Guard Wigan) – peg 5 – 48lbs
  4. Roy Wells (Westwood Lakes) – peg 6 – 43lbs 12oz
  5. Spike Milligan (Lincs County) – peg 3 – 39lbs 8oz