Westwood Lakes Over 50’s Open Match on Falcon Lake – 10th March 2017

The Westwood Lakes Over 50’s Open Match was held on Falcon lake on 9th March 2017 and 33 anglers took part.

The improving weather is certainly bringing out the anglers and a fair number too part in the over 50’s.  John Taylor (Sensas MarkOne) came first again – he’s certainly on a roll.  He was at peg 1 and brought in 106lbs.  2nd was Neil Hallett (Westwood Lakes) on peg 23 with 105lbs 12 oz.  Third was Steve Lake (Marukyu) at peg 12 with 92lbs 8oz.

  1. John Taylor (Sensas MarkOne) – peg 1 – 106lbs
  2. Neil Hallett (Westwood Lakes) – peg 23 – 105lbs 12
  3. Steve Lane (Maruyku) – peg 12 – 92lbs 8oz
  4. Roy Taylor (Westwood Lakes) – peg 33 – 84lb 12oz
  5. John Godden (Westwood Lakes) – peg 16 – 76lbs 12oz