Tuesday 4th September- 5K Qualifier

Tuesday 4th September- Hawk/ Falcon ( 24 Anglers)

A cooler day today which made it slightly harder for the anglers but Mark Taylor (Westwood Lakes) but a great performance to win the match with 170lb 4oz from peg 8 Hawk. In Second was D.Falzon (Westwood Lakes) from peg 20 on hawk with 97lb 12oz. In Third was Wanye Noch (Westwood Lakes) from falcon with 90lb 8oz from peg 5.

  1. Mark Taylor (Westwood Lakes) – Hawk peg 8- 170lb 4oz
  2.   D.Falzon (Westwood Lakes) – Hawk Peg 20- 97lb 12oz
  3. Wanye Noch (Westwood Lakes)- Falcon Peg 5- 90lb 8oz