Tuesday 28th February- Open Match Swallow Lake

Tuesday 28th February- Swallow Lake (14 Anglers)


With a slight rise in temperature the fish are starting to go on the feed.   Paul Oglesbee (Westwood Lakes) showed everyone the way today. Paul was on peg 4 and fished 14.5m with pellets and maggots to catch a mixed bag, to win the match with 76lb 0oz. Just behind Paul was Brian Harding (Bait-Tech) from peg 5 with 55lb 4oz. Steve Lane (Westwood Lakes) was happy enough to settle for third from peg 6 with 48lb 6oz.

  1. Paul Oglesbee (Westwood Lakes) peg 4 76lb 0oz
  2. Brian Harding (Bait-Tech)  peg 5  55lb 4oz
  3. Steve Lane (Westwood Lakes)  peg 6  48lb 6oz
  4. Roy Taylor (Westwood Lakes) peg 16 40lb 4oz