Tuesday 25th June 2019 Open Match

Tuesday 25th June 2019 Open Match (Swallow Lake) 18 anglers

Despite the rainy weather, weights were still good for the Tuesday Open Match on Swallow Lake.  John Park (WWL) put 178lbs 5oz on the scales to take the win from Peg 2.  In second place and closely behind was George Knight (WWL) Peg 4 with 170lbs 15oz.  Third placed angler was Rick Tweddle (WWL) Peg 22 with 135lbs 9oz.

1st John Park (WWL) 178lbs 5oz Peg 2

2nd George Knight (WWL) 170lbs 15oz Peg 4

3rd Rick Tweddle (WWL) 135lbs 9oz Peg 22

4th Danny Wolstenholme (WWL) 135lbs 6oz Peg 20