Tuesday 24th April- 5K Qualifier

Tuesday 24th April- Swallow and Hawk (27 Anglers)

Well with the amount of anglers turned up we decided to give them a bit of room. Brian Thompson (Westwood Lakes) has made the most of this on Swallow lake by fishing down the edge with pellets to catch a mixed bag from peg 2 to weigh 127lb 04oz. In Second was Alistar Ogilive (Sensas) from Hawk Lake Peg 8 catch down the edge and across on Pellets to weigh 120lb 6oz. Third was Roy Wells (Westwood Lakes) from Swallow peg 6 with 119lb 6oz.

  1. Brian Thompson (Westwood Lakes) Swallow Peg 2 – 127lb 4oz
  2. Alistar Ogilive (Sensas Starlets) Hawk Peg 8 – 120lb 6oz
  3. Roy Wells (Westwood Lakes) Swallow Peg 6 – 119lb 6oz
  4. Steve Lane (Westwood Lakes) Swallow Peg 26 – 117lb 10oz