Tuesday 23rd Ocotber- Open Match

Tuesday 23rd Ocotber- Swallow Lake (17 Anglers) 

With the wind ripping across the lakes today the pegs with back wind or a feeder chuck was going to produce. George Knight (Burts Baits) fished a steady match on the feeder on peg 3 to catch carp to 8lb to win the match with 104lb 4oz. In Second Was Paul Oglesbee (Ian Everett Floats) from peg 29 with 87lb 4oz. In Third was Brian Harding (Westwood Lakes) with 45lb 4oz from peg 7.

  1. George Knight (Burts Baits) Peg 3- 104lb 4oz
  2. Paul Oglesbee (Ian Everett Floats) Peg 29- 87lb 4oz
  3.  Brian Harding (Westwood Lakes) Peg 7- 45lb 4oz