Tuesday 23rd June – Open Match

Tuesday 23rd June – Swallow Lake (15 Anglers)

Lovely day for our anglers today on the bank and plenty of fish caught. George Knight (Wilsmere Lake) took top spot from peg 11 with 355lb 8oz. In second was Paul Oglsbee (Ian Evertt Floats ) From peg 29 with 215lb 4oz. In third was Andy Mitchell (Westwood Lakes) with 211lb 0oz from peg 7.

  1. George Knight (Wilsmere Lake) Peg 11 – 355lb 6oz
  2. Paul Oglsbee (Ian Evertt Floats ) Peg 29 – 215lb 4oz
  3. Andy Mitchell (Westwood Lakes) Peg 7 – 211lb 0oz