Tuesday 21st July- Open Match

Tuesday 21st July- Swallow Lake (20 Anglers)

Everyone had some room today so weight were going to look good. Gavin Leversidge (Daiwa) caught well shallow on the pole at 5m with pellets to win the match from peg 17 with 217lb 0oz. In second place was Martin Greene (Daiwa) fishing caster shallow on peg 28 to weigh 200lb 6oz. In third was George Knight (Wilsmere Lakes/ Burts Baits) from peg 11 with 190lb 0oz.

  1. Gavin Leversidge (Daiwa) Peg 17 – 217lb 0oz
  2. Martin Greene (Daiwa) Peg 28 – 200lb 6oz
  3. George Knight (Wilsmere Lakes/ Burts Baits) Peg 11 – 190lb 0oz