Tuesday 17th April – 5K Qualifiers

Tuesday 17th April- Skylark Lake (28 Anglers)

Abit of room today for our anglers but the wind has knocked the fishing off. Kev Wilson (Westwood Lakes) didnt let the wind stop him, Kev has fished down the edge on pellets and paste to catch carp to 8lb. Kev has been on peg 12 and won the match with 123lb 10oz. In second was Chris Kelly (Westwood Lakes) who has fought the wind on peg 30 fishing across to weigh 107lb 0oz. In third was Ben Wilby (Westwood Lakes) from peg 29 with 84lb 4oz.

  1. Kev Wilson (Westwood Lakes) Peg 12- 123lb 10oz
  2. Chris Kelly (Westwood Lakes) Peg 30- 107lb 0oz
  3. Ben Wilby (Westwood Lakes) Peg 29- 84lb 4oz
  4. J.Holdsworth (Westwood Lakes) Peg 42- 74lb 14oz