Tuesday 14th August- 5K Qualifier

Tuesday 14th August- Swallow Lake (20 Anglers)

Well with some heavy rain over night no one knew if it was going to put the fishing off or on, but Cliff Adams (Westwood Lakes) on peg 9 has snared a few out by fishing caster shallow and pellets down the edge for a bag of mixed stamp fish to win the match with 138lb 4oz. In Second place was Mel Hodgson Who has used similar tactics from peg 2 to weigh 119lb 8oz. In Third was Davis Gurton (Westwood Lakes) from peg 3 with 98lb 14oz.

  1. Cliff Adams (Westwood Lakes)- Peg 9- 138lb 4oz
  2. Mel Hodgson(Westwood Lakes)- Peg 2- 119lb 8oz
  3. Davis Gurton (Westwood Lakes)- Peg 3- 98lb 14oz