Tuesday 11th April- Open Match Swallow Lake

Tuesday 11th April-  Swallow Lake (16 Anglers)

With the weather dropping off abit from the weekend , there was still good weights caught on our swallow lake. Steve lane (Westwood Lakes) was the man of the moment today. Steve fished pellets long at 14.5m to catch a main bag of carp off peg 17 to win the match with 85lb 8oz. Brian Thompson (Westwood Lakes) fell just short of first place today with 72lb 2oz for second but he did have a proper fish weighing 19lb 2oz.in third place was Rick Tweedle (Westwood Lakes) from peg 4 with 62lb 8oz

  1. Steve lane (Westwood Lakes) peg 17 85lb 2oz
  2. Brian Thompson (Westwood Lakes) peg 11 72lb 2oz
  3. Rick Tweedle (Westwood Lakes) peg 4 62lb 8oz
  4. Alistar Oglive (Sensas Mark One) peg 20 55lb 0oz