Thursday 5th September – Over 50s Open Match

Thursday 5th September – Skylark/Hawk Lake 46 Anglers)

With the match split over two lakes today it was going to make it interesting. Steve Lindsedll (Blue Circle) took the match by storm from Skylark Peg 10, Steve caught in his margins to weigh 221lb 0oz. Ady Gathercole (Westwood Lakes)  took second spot from Hawk peg 13 with 179lb 14oz. With Roy taylor (Westwood Lakes)  not far behind him on peg 11 Hawk with 175lb 8oz.

  1. Steve Lindsedll (Blue Circle)  Skylark Peg 10 – 221lb 0oz
  2. Ady Gathercole(Westwood Lakes) Hawk Peg 13 – 179lb 14oz
  3. Roy taylor (Westwood Lakes) Hawk Peg 11 – 175lb 8oz