Thursday 27th October – Over 50’s Open Match

Thursday 27th October- Falcon Lake (28 Anglers )

With a cold wind coming across the complex today the fishing was going to be a bit harder for the anglers. But Richard Kinnersley (Coopers Tackle) showed everyone the way today fishing pellets short and across to win the match with 109lb 12oz from peg 42. Not far behind was Roy Taylor (Westwood Lakes) off peg 44 with 102lb 0oz. Just seeking into third was Ray Smart (Smart Renders) from peg 6 with 90lb 10oz.

  1. Richard Kinnersley (Coopers Tackle) peg 42 109lb 12oz
  2. Roy Taylor (Westwood Lakes) peg 44 102lb 0oz
  3. Ray Smart (Smart Renders) peg 6 90lb 10oz
  4. Roy Wells (Westwood Lakes) peg 46 90lb 8oz